Speaking of nostalgia, “The Way” brought me back to both frustratingly-interesting-yet-controller-breaking games like “Out of this World” with the fascination and intrigue of a LucasArts space-archeology adventure like “The Dig”.

I had a very hard time starting it because it reminded me too much of “Out of this World” in that my character was very very squishy, which meant he’d go splat from very small falls, and it was quite hard to judge the difference between “I’m totally fine stepping down” and “oh no, I am a puddle now” height. Once I got past that, the puzzles and lore were fascinating and brain-busting.

I’m reading that it (and the genre) are being described as “cinematic” platformers. I’m not sure I understand why the cinematic part is included, aside from maybe the pace of the game. This reminds me heavily of all of those LucasArts point-n-click adventures, and it has the pace to match. There’s a fun story to sweep you along and a certain vibe they have. Melancholy mixed with mystery and adventure. I am blown away by how well this game captured that feeling.