I’ve been watching “The Completionist” on Youtube, and he emphatically reviewed this game. At first I didn’t think much of it, since it looked like it tried too hard to faithfully reproduce the NES-era, arcade-style, fury-inducing games. Also, I didn’t have any nostalgia for the original “Ninja Gaiden”

…but he’s cute and I know he has good taste in games (and I do like me some 2d-platformers with satisfying gameplay), so I went and picked it up.

It is so much fun. I binged it this weekend and completed a first playthrough. The mechanics are incredibly satisfying and that alone could have carried me through this game. The rest of the game has an interesting time-loop plot point, hilarious dialog, and a faithful graphics style. Well, the original timeline’s graphics are nothing too amazing, and the future’s graphics look like very well done SNES graphics. …but then you get to the end-game where you can quickly jump back and forth in time, and the transitions really highlight both styles and make it so much fun to play.

The soundtrack is absolutely amazing as well.

The story didn’t get much more interesting after the “time loop” curse reveal, but it was still fun. I could see this being a really fun game to speed run as well.