Ohmygosh! One of the first games I bought for my Switch! It looked like the same studio who did Fairune, but looks like they’re fleshing out the game!

It has all the same graphics and charm as Fairune, but with more action gameplay and three different characters with different playstyles, and…meh? It was good, I played it a lot on the train. But the action gameplay didn’t add much, and replaying the same levels over and over (either as new characters or looking for secrets) was actually repetitive. It also doesn’t feel like it has a core nugget of wisdom about minimal design.

It has also been a while since I played and I may have forgotten other aspects of it, but I also keep forgetting about it…

As a side-note. I have a list of “media I consumed” that I use to remind me when I write these, and it has quite a backlog, so…. yeah.