These are the only 2 games I digitally purchased for my 3DS (which really was just a Pokemon machine aside from this…)

On the surface there is not much to these games. The fighting mechanic is simply “walk into each other and do damage”, and the puzzles are almost all “lock and key” style fetch quests. There are many moments when I was playing that I kept asking myself, “why am I still playing this? This seems really repetitive.”

…but I still really enjoyed playing them.

The graphics are cute, and the gameplay is straight forward but managed to not bore me. The maps are dense and packed with secrets (even though all of them are used in advancing), and the worlds are varied [even if they’re tropes].

I was taking it as a lesson in minimal design. What is your core gameplay loop? Okay, let’s do that.

There’s a hint of depth to the story and setting: I love a little tongue-in-cheek 4th wall breaking, as the games imply the main character is likely a video game character.

I think they’d make perfect time-killing games, but I binged them both and beat them in a handful of sittings.