Things I Like

A series of posts and thoughts about things I've enjoyed such as games, comics, books, movies/shows, and other media.


  • The Way

    Speaking of nostalgia, “The Way” brought me back to both frustratingly-interesting-yet-controller-breaking games like “Out of this World” with the fascination and intrigue of a LucasArts space-archeology adventure like “The Dig”.

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  • The Messenger

    I’ve been watching “The Completionist” on Youtube, and he emphatically reviewed this game. At first I didn’t think much of it, since it looked like it tried too hard to faithfully reproduce the NES-era, arcade-style, fury-inducing games. Also, I didn’t have any nostalgia for the original “Ninja Gaiden”

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  • Kamiko

    Ohmygosh! One of the first games I bought for my Switch! It looked like the same studio who did Fairune, but looks like they’re fleshing out the game!

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  • Fairune and Fairune 2

    These are the only 2 games I digitally purchased for my 3DS (which really was just a Pokemon machine aside from this…)

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  • Subsurface Circular

    This was a game I had been keeping an eye on since it appeared in an Extra Credits “Games You May Not Have Tried” episode and jumped at the opportunity when it became available for the Switch.

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  • NieR Automata

    NieR: Automata was a recommendation and loan from a friend. It was a game I was curious about, but hadn’t bothered to pickup because it looked like yet-another-square-enix-action-jrpg, but I was reassured that it was worth a play.

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