So! My advisor wants all my slides (written in HTML with deck.js) as powerpoint (so he can use them in his presentations)…

I could convince him to “screenshot and paste”, or meticulously recreate them as PPT… or! I can lookup the ODP format and write a conversion utility!


clojure.xml uses the java SAXparser which is proving too brittle for my HTML files… However! Enlive/tagsoup appear to be popular and usable libraries. In particular, Enlive also functions as a templating engine: aside from being great for regurgitating another XML format, it also will be useful for my web applications! My pages have become complicated enough that embedding all those HTML snippets is becoming verbose, and I am NOT a fan of the JSP style pages… Templating means I could possibly dual purpose my “mockups”

…and sadly further contemplation reminds me of layout. I can make assumptions about layout and make this a “one-off” tool, or perhaps I can use clojurescript, DOM selection in the browser, and info about the object (position, height/width) to make a more general tool?