I found a reddit thread this morning that talked about doing non-profit web development in order to build a portfolio.

Aside from a very important comment on not devaluing one’s work (something I’ve seen tweeted often from the web cartoonists I follow), there was also a fairly strong endorsement of freecodecamp.

I decided to check it out as it is free, open source, and emphasizes doing practical work for non-profits.

So far I’ve blown through the first 5-10 “hours” of the map, and I’m optimistic it will get better, but it’s not even “review” at this point.

However! I did learn 2 new things!

  1. !important is the ultimate CSS override
  2. Bootstrap is almost entirely CSS based (I would have checked it out much earlier had I realized that).

Hopefully this early stuff will make a good time-sink during down-time/breaks at work