With Java being a possible “not quite” on my ARM machine, decided to go for SDL in the meantime. Initially thinking “time to hone those C++ skills” but then noticed Lua and Rust bindings exist for SDL. Hmmm, decisions decisions…

Lua is a fun interpreted language with strong gaming ties, and has the venerable LuaJIT implementation. I’ve used it a little bit for configuring Awesome (my longtime tiling WM of choice), but not much else. The indexing scheme is weird, but interesting syntax nonetheless.

Rust is something I’ve lazily followed but haven’t tried out yet. I love the idea of a memory safe concurrent compiled language, and I was mostly waiting for it to stabilize (apparently it had a major release sometime last year?). This would be a great chance to learn it! …but it’s not in the ALARM repos? Trying to compile the upstream Arch PKGBUILD, but I imagine I’m gonna hit some errors soon :c

Rust fails because there are no arm snapshots to download and bootstrap with. There is a --enable-local-rust option, and armv7l rustc nightlies available through rustup, but this is beyond what I was willing to do at the moment :P