The Descent: “I wanna program games again! -> lwjgl looks awesome! -> ugh no ARM support, will have to compile myself and possibly patch -> ugh it only works on JRE 8 or newer (and OpenJDK 8 is segfaulting in ALARM) -> let’s try recompiling! -> Ugh, there’s a ton of new errors from using GCC 6.1.1 -> …okay, let’s edit and patch all these string literals… yay…”

I started in a “compile -> edit errored files -> recompile” cycle, and finally am giving up and resorting to grep’ing and sed’ing it to death (and hoping I don’t break anything)

Successfully built! …still segfaults. Added the PKGBUILD option to include debug symbols and narrowed it down to the function that is segfaults in (CppInterpreter::main_loop), but had to suspend debugging to work on more pressing matters.

This prompted me to try the newest tagged jdk8u (112-b01). The good news, a recursive patch from the edits I made mostly applied, and running “java” with no args no longer segfaults!!

…the bad news is anything else still segfaults :/ applying some other patches that might address it

Debug symbols and gdb stacktraces, and log files place it as a GC allocation failure… fudge, I am probably out of my depth here. Gonna try one last thing (full debug build, hopefully with the full symbols, and valgrind can help me trace down what is going wrong).

Also just noticed configure complaining about ignoring environmental CFLAGS and friends!! (and probably why my last debug build didn’t work, I was worried it was because I didn’t make clean first… grumble). Might have to patch upstream to use --with-extra-{c,cxx,ld}flags?