Netflix on my Raspberry Pi!!! …sortof

Netflix running on a Raspberry Pi3

By “…sortof” I mean it’s super choppy and sound doesn’t work :P

I just grabbed the full chrome dir from my ChromeBook. However, I needed to compile their sound server (which is probably why audio doesn’t work…), and the libdbus version it wanted was old and not included in the system libdbus… So I just grabbed theirs! Yay for LD_LIBRARY_PATH!!!

Hulu doesn’t work, complains flash version is too old (but honestly don’t care too much, and if I wanted Hulu I’m sure pepperflash from AUR would work…)

Just realized this was from my Tegra based Chromebook (full OpenGL, which were the errors from terminal).

Maybe if I find an image from a Samsung or other OpenGLES based Chromebook, that version might work better…