DIY Bluetooth Gamepad Mod (Arduino PS2 Controller Hack Part 2) - YouTube

I have been trying to get my DualShock 3 to work over bluetooth for years. It works great over USB, but bluetooth always required a special patched bluetooth stack, a dedicated bluetooth dongle, etc… I was excited to see they recently released a new version of bluez with a plugin for the SixAxis advertising “out of box” compatability! But, I still cannot get it to work… Le sigh.

I contemplated ripping it apart and sticking my own bluetooth module in place. However, the DS3 is a densely populated PCB… Le sigh again.

However… I have all the pieces to do this to one of my old PS2 controllers… muahaha.

Lastly! Super intrigued by the guy using an x-acto blade screwed to his soldering iron to cut away plastic. Just the tip I needed for my next project I’ve been planning ;D

(Also, I usually HATE watching videos and get frustrated when people don’t release a write-up for me to read instead, but this one was fast, to the point, and amusing!).